4X Formula Feeder 1 PACK (0m+ Teat)


The Formula Feeder is a multi-award winning adapter for ready-made formula milk and water.

Designed for busy parents the formula feeder is small enough to be taken anywhere, so you can quickly and conveniently feed on the go. Simply remove the travel case, and screw the Formula Feeder onto your preferred brand of ready-made formula and water, please see description below for what it fits to.

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The multi award winning Formula Feeder fits to ready-made formula milk. It attaches directly to 200ml Aptamil and Cow & Gate baby formula bottles and all formula cartons including SMA and HiPP. It also fastens to Volvic and Evian 330ml and 500ml water bottles to keep your baby hydrated.


Designed for busy parents, the Formula Feeder means no more lugging about bags full of baby bottles, formula powder and flasks of water. It is small enough to pop in your pocket and be taken anywhere, so you can quickly and conveniently feed on the go. Simply remove the protective travel case, and screw the Formula Feeder directly onto your preferred ready-made formula brand.

Formula milk is readily available, but what if you don’t have a spare sterilised bottle? No problem if you have a Formula Feeder! It fits onto all the major brands of ready-made formula.

​The Formula Feeder can be sterilised in a steam steriliser and solution, and is dishwasher safe.

It is manufactured in Britain and the silicone teats / spouts are made by Canpol Babies.

Only give milk and water to babies to prevent tooth decay.

Conforms to BS EN 14350

BPA Free (Bisphenol A Free)


The formula feeder is available for three age groups:


Slow Flow Silicone Teat is suitable from 0 months and is a slow flow teat

Vari-Flow Silicone Teat suitable from 3 months obtains Slow, Medium and Fast flow rates all on the same teat. The Vari-Flow Silicone Teat can obtain different flow rates: slow I, medium II and fast III, by lining up I, II or III sign with the babies nose.

Silicone Spout suitable from 6 months and is a fast flow spout.

How to use.

Fits all cartons of ready-made formula milk: To attach, remove bottom pod, ensure the carton is clean, gently pierce and screw in. As soon as you feel resistance stop. Do not over-tighten onto the carton, this could break the seal with the carton and cause leakage.

Fits Aptamil, Cow&Gate Fortini and Infatrini ready-made formula 200ml bottles: To attach, remove the bottom pod and both bottom plates and attach directly to the bottle.

Fits Volvic and Evian 300ml and 500ml bottles: To attach, remove the bottom pod and bottom plate with screw thread and attach directly to the bottle in replacement or their lid.

The formula feeder is easy to attach, use, remove, clean and sterilise ready for the next drink.

How can the formula feeder be sterilised? To sterilise the formula feeder, you must dismantle it, wash it and place dismantled into your steriliser and then re-assemble after sterilising. The formula feeder is approved to be used in the dishwasher, sterilising solution and steam sterilisers.

​Is Bottled Water safe for babies? Click Here for NHS advice

Which bottled water does the  adapter fit? The formula feeder does not fit all bottles. It fits Evian, Volvic and Highland Spring, these bottled waters have less than 200 milligrams (mg) a litre of sodium (also written as Na) and less than 250mg a litre of sulphate (also written as SO or SO4) ​Click here for NHS advice​

Additional information

Weight200 g
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 cm

0m+ (slow-flow teat), 3m+ (vari-flow teat), 6m+ (fast-flow spout)


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