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Don’t Stress with the Mess

The more they enjoy it, the more mess there will be.

Cover up baby in a coverall bib and make sure you cover up (honestly you may laugh but I had a friend whose baby loved spitting food and poor dad was constantly covered in food and wore overalls in the end)!

Feed quickly, babies get bored easily and will soon lob whatever they can get there hands on, see you need overalls.Small amounts at a time, know the size of your child’s tummy.Small pieces of food and make sure they are chopped up into safe sizes especially foods like grapes and sausages.

Keep trying foods even if rejected, its a fact that after a number of times trying they should like it.

If food makes it to the floor leave it there until you’ve finished, otherwise picking up the food becomes a game.

Use suction bowls and start introducing cups, but with the smallest amount of water to drink it is another thing to lob, ‘laughing out loud’ I’m not joking and water is easier to clean up than milk!

Make sure foods for spoons have a thick consistency so if the baby is feeding itself it has a chance for the food to reach its own mouth.

Give baby feeding 100% of your attention and supervise the baby during feeding at all times.

Have fun, don’t be disappointed if they don’t eat what you have lovingly spent hours making for them, this is going to happen until they are old enough to leave home and have to feed themselves, at that point they will be grateful and eat anything you put in front of them.

Don’t stress with the mess, just pop them in the bath or kitchen sink for a quick fun wash down after their yummy scrummy food!

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